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  • 1800℃ lab box furnace

    1800℃ lab box furnace

    Lab box furnace is a new generation of energy-saving intelligent products with high performance mechatronics. Laboratory box furnace is mainly used for measuring content. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research departments and universities in plastic processing and production enterprises. Optional programmable instrumentation, the device can intelligently control the time and temperature.

  • 1600℃ laboratory high heat furnace

    1600℃ laboratory high heat furnace

    Laboratory high heat furnace is specially used for chemical element analysis and quenching, annealing and tempering of small steel parts for industrial and mining enterprises, universities and laboratories of research institutes. Small benchtop high heat furnace can also be used for high temperature heating such as sintering, dissolving and analyzing high temperature of metal, stoneware and ceramics.

  • 1200℃ high temperature furnace

    1200℃ high temperature furnace

    High temperature furnace uses high-temperature alloy resistance wire or silicon carbon rod as heating element; it is designed for universities, research institutes, laboratories and industrial and mining enterprises for ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass Special equipment for sintering, melting, analysis and production of chemical, mechanical, refractory materials, new material development, special materials, building materials, metals, non-metals and other chemical materials.

  • 1000℃ muffle furnace

    1000℃ muffle furnace

    Muffle furnace is designed specifically for laboratory ashing applications. With a special intake and exhaust system that is imported ashing furnace, the equipment can be ventilated more than 5 times per minute. By preheating the intake air, the furnace ensures a good temperature distribution

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