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  • Pipe Falling Impact Hammer

    Pipe Falling Impact Hammer

    It is designed according to the GB11548-89 and other standard, and fit for the impact testing of plastic and pipe, panels and relative product to measure the resistance to the external impact.

  • Charpy Impact Tester

    Charpy Impact Tester

    Digital charpy impact testing machine it’s used to test the impact toughness of the non-metallic materials such as rigid plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, cast stone, plastic appliance and insulation materials.

  • Carton black content tester

    Carton black content tester

    High Suitable Polyethylene Carbon Black Content Tester suitable for Carbon black content test device for GB/T2951.41-2008 the cable

  • Pressure pipe burst test machine

    Pressure pipe burst test machine

    Pressure pipe burst test machine is suitable for any kinds of plastic pipe’s long time hydrostatic testing, pipe hydrostatic, pipe hydrostatic instantaneous blasting testing

  • pipe ring stiffness tester

    pipe ring stiffness tester

    Pipe Ring Stiffness Tester Bending Compression Strength Testing Machine is particularly suitable for ring stiffness, ring flexibility, creep rate and tensile test of plastic pipe especially pipe wall large-diameter structure.

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