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Izod and Charpy Impact Tester Operation Procedure
Click:1161 Release time:2017-11-13


 ISO179—2000 Determination of Plastics - Hard Materials Charpy Impact
 GB/T1043—2008 Rigid Plastic Charpy Impact Test Method
 JB/T8762—1998 Plastics Charpy Impact Testing Machine


2.2Operation procedure
Take as example the Charpy characterized by 5.5j; strength unit KJ/M2 width
80mm: thickness 4 mm
Notch depth 2.00 mm. Operation illustrated as below:

1. Starting up, the system displays the main screen after initialization
2. Click “CONFIG” to enter parameter-set interface
3. Chose KJ/
unitImpact energy is current pendulum energy; impact speed is
3.5m/s; Impact mode chosen as Cantilever.
4. Click “>>>>”to enter sample strip setting interface. Length 80mm, width 8mm,
thickness 4mm.
5. Pendulum stand still before test---click”ZERO” to zero the Angle---up stand
pendulum to 150 degree blocked by Lever---be sure no Obstacles or person within
pendulum scope---click “DISABLED” , adjust status to "ABLED"
6. Click “MODE”, impact mode adjusted to “NO-LOAD”--- click “IMPACT” button ,
followed by solenoid pull, free movement of pendulum---“LOSS” column on screen
would appear the maximum angle and maximum energy value, which relatively is the
angle of friction made by machine itself and energy loss. Notes: this step must be
carried out.
7. After test the energy dissipation
place the sample into the below Jig, use the model
which approach to the center to ensure the notch position. Rise the pendulum, place at the angle of 150°, and use the pin to resist, ensure that there are no resistance and
other people in the operation range of pendulum. Click the “MODE”, change the
impact mode into “NO-LOAD” condition, then click the “IMPACT” button in the
right of the faceplate, the pendulum swings naturally. After finishing the action, the
“RT MAX” in the top left of the faceplate will display the maximum angle after
impacting, and the “1” below will display the angle and final result, that’s xxxKJ/m2 .
8. If testing is needed to do more times, you should take away the residue of the
sample, place the new sample into it and follow the step 7. The pendulum drops, then
the testing result will automatically display at the position of No.2 between 1~12 and
the next results are the same as it. The average number of the result after impact will
display at the bottom of the screen, then, the “ANGLE” and “ENERGY” will display
the average number.
9.If you want to delete one of the result, you should click the “ABLED” first to
change the condition into “DISABLED”, then click the 1~12 in the center of the
screen to choose the one you want to delete, after click it, it can be deleted. The
average value in the below will calculate the residue angle and average impact
strength automatically.
10. After the group of test is over, press the “PRINT” to print and memory the results.
11. Test is over. Turn off the machine.

12. Other tests, charpy or Charpy, just follow the repeat the procedure.