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Kunlun rubber tensile testing machine three generations of stable and reliable upgrade
Click:1431 Release time:2018-01-05
Kunlun rubber tensile testing machine three generations of stable and reliable upgrade
Dongguan Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd is located in Gaobu town , the production of various types of test equipment and provide technical services, years of industry experience, the introduction of domestic and foreign high-tech, innovation, product upgrades,
     Rubber tensile testing machine is a regular equipment of Dongguan Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd, from the beginning of this year for all conventional equipment [tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, torsion testing machine, bending test machine, etc.] To upgrade, the new launch of the rubber tensile testing machine is a standard tensile testing machine in KUNLUN, the third generation of products.
1, the machine can be based on GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards, the machine is equipped with large deformation extensometer, can accurately measure the sample elongation, elongation at break, constant stress elongation, tensile strength, Tear strength and other parameters, and can print out the corresponding performance indicators, curves.
2, the test machine with high speed precision, stable performance of the servo speed control system and the motor as the drive system; specially designed synchronous toothed belt deceleration system and high precision ball screw drive test machine moving beam movement;
3, the dual-channel all-digital programmable amplifier in the PC to achieve a real sense of the physical zero, gain adjustment and test force measurement of the automatic shift, zero and calibration, without any analog adjustment link, the control circuit height Integrated
4, the host for the single-column floor structure, three pillars surrounded by a ball screw structure, easy, host frame stiffness, high precision, long service life.
5, automatic diagnostic function: the timing of the measurement system, the drive system overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and other checks, abnormal circumstances immediately to protect
Technical Parameters:
1. Maximum test force: 5kN;
2. Test machine level: 0.5;
3. Test force measurement range: 0-5000N;
4. The maximum stroke (without fixture): 800mm
5. Relative error of displacement indication: ≤ ± 1%;
6. speed adjustment range: 0.01 ~ 500mm / min
7. speed relative error: ± 1.0% of the set value