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Name:Glow Wire Tester


Description:Glow Wire tester is the latest release of the flaming testing equipment,with imports of touch-screen controller and instrument. New test circuit, stable performance, reliable, simple and easy to operate. wide range of parameter adjustment. Apply to the latest test standards IEC60695,GB5169, etc.

Glow Wire Tester Detailed information:

Glow Wire Tester


1. Plastic Glow wire test machine Specification:


Glow Wire tester is the latest release of the flaming testing equipment,with imports of touch-screen controller and

instrument. New test circuit, stable performance, reliable, simple and easy to operate. wide range of parameter adjustment.

Apply to the latest test standards IEC60695,GB5169, etc.


2. Plastic Glow Wire Tester Application:

To determine the flame spread times of vertically oriented textile fabrics and industrial products in the form of single or multi-component fabrics (coated, quilted, multilayered, sandwich combinations, and similar combinations) when subjected to a small, defined flame. 
Also, this unit can be used for determining the flammability of toys under EN71-2:2006

Plastic Glow Wire Test machine Related Standards:

Plastic Glow Wire Tester STANDARDS

BS EN ISO 6941:2003
EN71-2: 2006
Note: this tester can conform to but not limit to all the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.

4. Plastic 
Glow Wire Testing machine Features:

1         Equipped with PLC to control testing unit;
2         Test burner according to ISO6941:2003, can burn at 45°or 90°;
3        Auto start and stop function, timing function.

5. Glow wire testing machine Key Specification:
1         Ignition time                          0-99S
2        Flame spread time                  0-999S
3        Power supply                         220V 50Hz
4         Net weight                            60Kg
5        Dimension                              800×600×650mm

Glow Wire Test Machine Main technical parameter:

  1.  The temperature of high quality standard professional HOT glow wire tester is adjustable between 500 to 1000℃The temperature testing machines precision is ±0.5.Plastic Glow Wire Testing machine use the 0.5 or 1mm Nickel chromium armor impact thermocouple.
  2.  The glow wire press strength of 0.8N~1.2N to sample, and restricted press depth is at least 7mm.
  3. The glow wire press time from 0 to 99minutes 99 seconds can be adjusted to sample, generally, it is set as 30 seconds, and has the timer which can measure the ignition duration and fire extinguished time. The time error is ±1s.
  4. The device is easy to operate, and the temperature measurement is steady and reliable.
  5. The table size has several specifications such as 0.5, 0.75, 1 cubic meter. The special size can be customer-made, and can select the touch screen control or touch tone control.

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