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Name:Puncture Strength Tester


Description:Board Puncture Strength Tester is constantly lays special instrument performance measurement (both through strength of special instrument).

Puncture Strength Tester Detailed information:

Equipment Summary:

ISO3036  Board Puncture Strength Tester  is constantly lays special instrument performance measurement 

(both through strength of special instrument). This instrument is fast compaction, handles automatic

resetand safety and reliable, LCD display, etc.


Main Function:

By constantly instrument of sample clamping device, set pointer electronic system cone (through)

operating system components. According to the principle of function, in the instrument is a special

shape of installinga body design production according to the standard of triangular geometry, using pendulum undersurface rhombus body energy tetrahedron penetrate sample for energy


Main Features:

Full electronic control technology, open structure, high automation procedure, easy to operate, safe

and reliable.Automatic measurement, intelligent function, the operating system for real-time display

measuring results.Automatic measurement, statistical testing results, simple operation.Modern design concept,mechatronics elegant appearance, compact structure, convenient maintenance.


Corresponding Standard:

ISO3036  Board Puncture Strength Tester Price    according to ISO3036 (cardboard - through the determination

and strength, and the cardboard GB2679 lays the intensity of the determination of design of relevant provisions.


Applicable Industry:

ISO3036  Board Puncture Strength Tester Price    widely application :cardboard cartons, scientific research and

production, inspection and other enterprises and departments indispensable common instrument.


Technical Parameter:



ZME-6005B  ISO3036  Board Puncture Strength Tester Price   

Scope of measurement



Testing error


A Scale  ±0.05J


In the measurement of the upper limit value of 20% ~ 80% range

B scale ±0.1J

C Scale ±0.2J

D Scale  ±0.5J

Pointer friction


Friction and air resistance

>120 times (Swing frequency measure to swing arm)

Cone characteristic dimension

Longth of three side60mm×60mm×60mm,hight(25±0.7)mm,

Edge fillet radius(1.5±0.1)mm

Room temperature

20 Degree/temperature ±10 Degree/temperature


220V±22V,Power should be reliable grounding

Working environment

Keep clean, smooth, no vibration tables


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