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Name:Plastic impact tester


Description:New automatic plastic impact tester mainly used for Charpy impact test (CHARPY), Izod impact test (IZOD), tensile impact test。

Plastic impact tester Detailed information:

New automatic plastic impact tester
Instrument features:
Mainly used for Charpy impact test (CHARPY), Izod impact test (IZOD), tensile impact test。
The pendulum impact test system meets the following standards: ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO 8256, ISO 9854, ISO 7628, ASTM D6110, ASTM D256, ASTM D1822, ASTM E23, BS 7413, DIN 53435, DIN 53453, DIN 50115, T 1843, GB / T 1043
Unprecedented innovative design, pendulum and osillating bar intergrated, aviation aluminum alloy, aerodynamic design, a new surface coating process, the air friction can be achieved to a minimum
Impact test system parameters:

New automatic plastic impact tester energy range: 0.5-50J (users according to the needs to matching pendulum and weight)
          IZOD impact tester: 2.75, 5.5J, 11,22J
          CHARPY impact tester: 1,2,4,5,7.5,15,25,50J
Plastic pendulum impact tester impact speed: 3.5 m / s (IZOD), 2.9 m / s, 3.8 m / s (CHARPY) (optional according to user needs)
Encoder: High-resolution encoder with 16384 lines , non-contact, long-term use without loss, no friction resistance,
Plastics impact tester Display: 7-inch high-resolution true color touch screen
Miniature built-in printer
Pendulum self-diagnosis system
Rack: high-strength machine frame, increase the rigidity of the machine, while reducing machine vibration, machine processing and welding to do stress treatment
Quick pendulum replacement system
Quick fixture replacement system
Full range of transparent safety shield
Power: 220V / 60Hz
Weight: about 150kg
Plastic impact tester optional:
Low temperature or high temperature test system, pendulum brake system, automatic lifting system


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