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Name:Plastic Izod Impact Tester


Description:Digital Izod Impact Tester toughness of the non-metallic materials.Suitable material:plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, cast stone, plastic appliance and insulation materials.

Plastic Izod Impact Tester Detailed information:

Plastic Izod Impact Tester


Usage:Digital Izod Impact Tester toughness of the non-metallic materials.

Suitable material:  plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, cast stone, plastic appliance and insulation materials.

Applicable zone: scientific research institutes, universities and non-metallic material manufacturers as the common quality test equipment.

Plastic izod impact tester Performance standards

ISO180—2000   Determination of Plastics - Hard Materials Izod Impact Strength

GB/T1843—2008   Rigid Plastic Izod Impact Test Method

JB/T8761—1998    Plastics Izod Impact Testing Machine

ASTM D256-2010 Test Methods for Measuring the Impact Strength of the Plastic IZOD Pendulum

Plastic izod impact tester  Product Features

A. High-precision intelligent controller equipped with LCD display which you can read the data  intuitively and accurately;

B. China's first carbon fiber lever (It has been patented); it succeeds in doing experiments without shaking involving the impact direction, improving the rigidity of materials, and concentrating impacting strength on the centroid of the pendulum, and using life increases.

C. Imported high-resolution digital encoders, higher and more stable angle measurement accuracy;

D. Aerodynamic impact hammer and FAG Bearings greatly reduce mechanical friction losses

E.Automatic calculation of the final result, 12 sets of the test data can be stored and averaged;

F.Digital Izod impact testing  Optional interface of Chinese and English; units ( J / m, KJ / m2, kg-cm / cm, ft-ib / in )can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

G. Built-in mini printer to print the test data

Digital izod impact tester Technical Specifications 

Impact speed


Pendulum energy



Pendulum angle


Distance from the center of pendulum to striking edge


Horizontal distance from striking edge to jaws


Cutter edge radius


Power voltage

AC220V±10%   50HZ


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